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I love Jonathan Rosenberg! - Elf M. Sternberg
I love Jonathan Rosenberg!
Unlike some people, I don't necessarily believe that Jon Rosenberg really knows where he's going with his webcomic, Goats, but today's is precious.
"Existince, she iz cyclical! Ein multiverse begets ze next, her corpse becomes the Turing machine upon vhich her children's code runs. Time goes by. Zere are maybe a few billion iterations, you get compresison artifacts. Bugs crop up. Ze registry gets littered vith orphans. Real flesh and blood oprhans, mind you. I imagine zey must resort to cannibalism eventually."

"So... we're bloatware?"

"I'm surpised ve don't haff banner ads on our foreheads."
I kinda miss the days of Jon, Toothgnip, and Diablo, but Rosenberg manages to throw out a good one now and then.

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