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Buried Lede: Knowing gay parents will make you gay-tolerant! - Elf M. Sternberg
Buried Lede: Knowing gay parents will make you gay-tolerant!
Joe My God posts an article, Glee Will Make Your Kids Gay, in which he includes a clip from the Christian Broadcast Network interviewing Matt Philbin from the "Culture and Media Institute." Philbin talks about how "they" have worked for years to "desensitize children to the sin of homosexuality." The interviewer asks why "they" would do this and Philbin says that in Hollywood:
They don't really know anybody who doesn't have lesbians in their family who are raising children. The rest of us, not so much.
Oh, denial is so much fun! The number of anti-gay activists who have a gay family member in their skeleton closets somewhere is legendary, and Michelle Bachmann is only the latest.

But note what Philbin admits here: Knowing gay people makes you tolerant of gay people. You come to realize that they're not sex-crazed demons out to sodomize your husbands and corrupt your sons. You realize that lesbians might actually make decent parents.

This is the bag with the cat long gone. Philbin has revealed the Christianists' deepest, darkest fear: That their flock will learn that gays and lesbians are ordinary people. They can be good parents just as readily as straight people. The people who know them love and admire them.
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