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Bread again! - Elf M. Sternberg
Bread again!
Arrrgh. Rant rant curse scream shout loathe rant scream.

I bought new yeast. No effect. At least this time it doesn't look like whatever did some pathetic attempt to rise also then collapsed, but dammit, it's just a lump. A yummy lump, but just a lump. It makes good nibbling bread, but it's terrible sandwich bread. And I really want to get some decent sandwich bread. It's hard to make a real BLT with something bought from the local grocer.

I'm going to try again tomorrow, increasing both the yeast and the sugar content, and putting the sugar in before I put in the flour. That does seem to make a difference. And-- and this is r eally weird-- I've started to have these problems only since I started to take seriously the need to sift all my flour. I know that most of the store brands claim that no sifting is required, but I don't believe them anymore. Still, I might try not sifting, since it worked then, and I didn't get deposits of white flour left in the bread.

Time to try again...

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