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Rain, Blood and Groceries - Elf M. Sternberg
Rain, Blood and Groceries
I've just been dragging this week. Mostly, it's because my sleep schedule is completly screwed up, between Omaha's illness and Kouryou-chan's reaction to that illness, I've been unable to get a full eight hours the past five days, and on at least one of those days I got only five hours. Add to that the news that not getting enough sleep inteferes with your brain's ability to tell if you're eating properly and it's a recipe for disaster.

Last night, after ripping through a half-dozen bugs at work, I received a call from Omaha that she was running behind schedule and would like to meet me downtown at the art museum for a pick-up. We were supposed to meet for grocery shopping. I ran down to the car and headed into the city. The heavy rain made seeing anything difficult. When I got to the museum, Omaha said "We have a bit of a crisis."

Kouryou-chan had been running around and had fallen face-first onto the concrete. She had bloodied her chin and scraped a knee and was crying with the pain and indignity of it all. We hustled into the car and Omaha tended to her injuries while I tried to get out of the way of hurtling buses and soaking pedestrians. I took a quick turn on the viaduct to get around Pioneer Square, then ran up to Costco. Omaha and Kouryou-chan spent time in the bathroom taking care of her, and then we did our grocery shopping.

We got home and met fallenpegasus there. Too tired and busy to cook, we made our way over to Huckleberry's, the local family diner. Omaha and Pegasus ran off together so she could have some not-family time, and I took Kouryou-chan home and put her to bed. She was pretty good about the whole bedtime thing, for once, and read bits of Charlotte Web to me, the part where Charlotte describes her cousins and their abilities.

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Current Music: Morning Musume, Spring Song

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