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I'm so glad to be back at work... - Elf M. Sternberg
I'm so glad to be back at work...
... I can use the rest.

I seem to be having touble typing this morning. Not sure why, but there's a peculiar numbness in my right bicep that makes the sensation of typing seem off, somehow. Disciplined touch-typing exercises have allowed me to have most of my speed, but I find myself going back a lot and fixing finger-induced typos. It's very annoying.

Sunday was as hectic as Saturday. We fed the kids scrambled eggs for breakfast, then hurtled over to Radio Shack so Omaha could pick up more components for her personalized Internet audio station, since she needs to do the show by herself on Monday, and then I ran up to Capitol Hill to help her friend Sean finish packing up and moving out.

I got home to find that all four burns of video I'd done for FallenPegasus had completed and worked adequately, although I'm trying an alternative method right now to see if that works. And then he reminds me that I need to keep the ISO images to make other burns for his sister. Well, they only take about two hours apiece to master; I'll just clear out some disk space and re-run the process.

We had the family weekly meeting so the kids knew what to anticipate in the coming week, then I took Yamaarashi-chan back to her mother's house. She and her sister left the floor littered with the cutouts from making paper snowflakes everywhere.

After dinner, we ran over to Baskin Robbins. Omaha was in desperate need of ice cream. Can't blame her, either; I could use the break myself.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Tori Amos, Cornflake Girl

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