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More holes in my damned teeth! - Elf M. Sternberg
More holes in my damned teeth!
While Omaha and I were watching Dead Man's Chest last night, we were eating home-made kettle corn, and along the way of course I found the errant unpopped kernel which I dutifully spat out.

Except one of those unpopped kernels turned out to have been a part of my tooth. I didn't notice until almost an hour later. I called the dentist and went in this afternoon.

After much poking and x-raying (and a strange delay; these guys are almost always exactly on time, I don't know what it was with them today) and more poking and drying of the tooth, the doctor announced with solemnity that I would need a crown. They gave me a brisk cleaning, a three-week temporary fill, and will give me a temporary crown then, and a permanent one a few weeks after that.


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