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Nine days and counting. - Elf M. Sternberg
Nine days and counting.
Last night, I got to bed around 9:30. This is my usual bedtime and it was supposed to be a calm and ordinary bedtime. I had managed to get in a bite of some of that Dryer's Pumpkin-flavored ice cream (pretty good, actually) and done all of the things I'm supposed to do before bed.

At midnight, Omaha's phone goes off. Our friend is there to pick up his daughter.

At four, Kouryou-chan sneaks into our bed.

At five-thirty, the alarm goes off. I drag myself out of bed to go swimming. This time I have everything prepared. Or so I think. I managed to leave without my headphones or my telephone. Joy. And I still manage only about twenty minutes before I give up, but in that time I mananged 650 meters, not too bad. I'm getting better. I was still dizzy afterwards, but less nauseous. I think part of that is because I changed the formula for my protein shake and mananged to get the anti-inflammatories and such into my system earlier. I also asked the lifeguard if I was the only person who brought water and she said no, there were others, but it wasn't common.

I dragged myself into work for the ninth day in a row. I start copying a new image onto the upgrade PCMCIA storage devices. The first run-through doesn't work. I try a second time, and get the build ID wrong. I must be dizzy or something wrong. Third time's the charm, and it all works. Perfectly. The machines come back up, and they're still talking to the NT servers. Jumpin Jehosephat Huzzah!

I spend the day guaranteeing that my changes are congruent on both the RC and the main branch in CVS. An annoying but absolutely essential task. And then I play with StoryLines, a nifty little program that allows the user to manage plot-driven stories. Unfortunately, I can't afford the commercial version, so I'm stuck with the one that only allows for one plot, four subplots, and thirty plotpoints. Ah, well.

Maybe I'll rewrite it as an OSP.

Current Mood: awake awake
Current Music: Tori Amos, Caught a Light Sneeze

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