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Brains: The United Nations, Fucked Up Again - Elf M. Sternberg
Brains: The United Nations, Fucked Up Again
The UN: Protecting You From Free Speech
The UN Rapporteur on Human Rights (the senior official charged with investigating and documenting human rights abuses) has demanded that his assignment be changed. One of the assigned purposes of the rapporteur is to expose those that curtail freedom of speech. But the current rapporteur, a Pakistani, has asked and been given consent to condemning those who "abuse free expression" and "defame religions and prophets."

Johann Hari documents how this has been used to silence critics of barbarity and asks us not to respect oppression, even when gussied up with the words of prophets.

Dalton Conley on modern polygamy
Andrew Sullivan calls this an important observation:
We are living with a lot of remarriages and blended families, which is a form of polygamy. You can have ongoing obligations to the children you had by your first partner living in the hut across town, through child support and alimony, and the same obligations to your current family. So in terms of kinship ties, and the economic relations inherent in those kinship ties, we're no different than a kind of "pre-modern" polygamous society.

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