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Upgrade to X 1.5 surprisingly successful - Elf M. Sternberg
Upgrade to X 1.5 surprisingly successful
I went through an accidental upgrade Wednesday afternoon. I wasn't paying attention when I installed something, and it sucked in the latest ATI driver for my laptop along with it. Cursing, I tried to back out, only to discover that the stable driver I'd been using since February of last year was no longer supported by the Gentoo team, since too many other people had decided it wasn't stable after all.

I managed to find an old repository of that driver, but installing it didn't work; I got a big "Unsupported Hardware" watermark in the lower right-hand corner, and many of the 3D features were broken. I decided to go for the full upgrade: the latest driver with the latest X server.

It took forever, but when it was over I had it all, and to my pleasant surprise hibernate/suspend still worked as advertised, PopCap games still work wonderfully, and most 3D features are still operant. I haven't had the courage yet to try and run Quake or Prey, but playing games on my laptop is a losing proposition anyway so maybe I won't bother.

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