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And Sunday... - Elf M. Sternberg
And Sunday...
I seem to have caught a mild flavor of Kouryou-chan's cold. It's an annoying summer headcold, the kind where all you get is constant sniffling and sneezing, and a bit of sore throat, and maybe a sinus headache, and that's about it.

Despite that, I spent most of the day running around like a madman. Starting this morning, Omaha and I made a run over to Costco for our monthly run. This was especially important as the house had run out of tissue paper and with two colds and an allergy in the house, having that is critical. We shopped quickly, then ran over to the mall nearby to drop off Yamaraashi-chan, who was going to spend the afternoon with a friend, going to a movie and then shopping afterward.

After that, we got home and Omaha immediately fell asleep, apparently not having slept well the night before because of her allergies. I ended up putting away the entirety of the Costco run, including slicing the meats into family-sized portions and putting them into the freezer.

Fans line up for Michael Jackson
After that, I ran Omaha up into Seattle for a meeting she was having with her coven. We stopped at an Arby's on the way up and that was a comedy of errors: she dropped a potato cake down into the seatwell where it fell apart (gross) and I dropped an open tube of mayonnaise into the opposite seatwell, where I managed to get it out without squirting the stuff everywhere.

After dropping her off, on the way back I passed by a "Michael Jackson tribute event," where a local radio station was lining up 1000 fans to moonwalk all at once. It was supposed to be a world record, but you had to be able to moonwalk, and apparently they couldn't find enough people to fill Michael Jackson's marvelous shoes.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home for peanut butter, milk and eggs, three more things we were out. Back at the house, I made Kouryou-chan some lunch of PB&J, and then it was back out onto the road to pick up Yamaraashi-chan from the mall. I went early to stop at Cash & Carry, where I got more club soda, 20 pounds of pasta, 10 pounds of aborio rice, and 10 pounds of cous-cous, all for less than $40. Not too shabby at all.

I picked up the kid and went home. By now, it was four o'clock, and I still had chores to do. I set the kids to doing theirs: cleaning the kid's bathroom sink, and changing bedsheets. Mine was to mop the dining room and living room floors, taking out the trash and recycling in the process. That was a ton of work.

Around seven it was time for Yamaraashi-chan to go over to her mother's for the first two-week block of summer, and the rest of us settled down to a slow dinner of leftovers. Since I had a few minutes, I finished processing the now-chilled chicken stock, which tastes wonderful, into plastic bags, and then settled those into a tall pot back in the 'fridge to settle, and I can de-fat them tomorrow.

My last chore was putting two weeks of receipts into Quicken. Goddess, I'm supposed to have a cold, and taking it easy, and life just doesn't let me.

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Current Music: Aliens OST, Ripley's Rescue

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amythis From: amythis Date: June 29th, 2009 03:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
I have a similar cold. This is Day 5. Not sick enough to skip work but sick enough to skip Pride.
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