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Following up on "big blocks o' time..." - Elf M. Sternberg
Following up on "big blocks o' time..."

The thermostat today.
Kouryou-chan has been sick this week. Her temperature has ranged anywhere between 99 and 102, and if you know Kouryou-chan at all, you know that will slow her down in exactly the same way as a good night's sleep: not at all.

Unforunately, with an expected high of 99°F today, and it already being 86°F in the shade, I'm already cranky. Our television has mysteriously quit on us, and Kouryou-chan is bored out of her skull.

Therefore, I can expect to get exactly nothing done today.

We actually did a lot of gardening today. I ran the sprinkler and sat under it and managed to weed about 10% of my lawn. I've totally let it go, and it's now become child-unfriendly with long, ropy dandelion weeds that actually hurt to run through, so digging it up was productive. But satisfying brain time? Not today.

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