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Feeling better - Elf M. Sternberg
Feeling better
Well, I got Kouryou-chan off to school. When she gets home she and I are going to change the bedsheets because last night I awoke around three with the broken-fever sweats, so bad that when I got back into bed I felt like I was slipping into a used condom. (I'm sorry; it's just the first analogy that came to mind.) Since those are now sick-bed sheets, they have to be changed before I go to sleep tonight. I'm still a bit feverish-- it's hovering around 99.4F-- but it's nothing like the near-delusional levels it was two nights ago.

Last night, Kouryou-chan ate leftover lentil stew. I haven't eaten very much, but I haven't had any trouble keeping down whatever I have eaten. She watched about an hour's worth of television and we played with her puzzles, doing this rather difficult 300-piece one of a kitten in a lawn chair;
there are big swaths of undifferentiated color, so it's quite hard to put together. The house heated up quickly enough although I think 72F is about the heater's limit; it's been running almost non-stop since last night. omahas did mention something about the heater being turned down internally the last time the maintenence fellows came through, maybe that's why it doesn't get as warm as I'd like in here. And I don't know that I trust my new thermometer from BD; it's given me readings of 98.4, 99.4 and 99.0, all in a twenty-minute period.

This morning Kouryou-chan and I had scrambled egg sandwiches on English muffins. She wasn't up to eating the whole thing, much to my surprise. I didn't have a second cup of coffee. She wanted an awful lot of cuddling this morning, not that I object. But we got to school on time.

Thank you all so much for your concerns. I made it through all right, without too much stress, although Kouryou-chan will be a while recovering from her experience. A day at school should make her feel more normal, though, and things should be back to rightness soon enough.

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From: theoriste Date: January 8th, 2004 10:59 pm (UTC) (Link)

Feel better

Good to hear that you're feeling better!

-- dee (also Lilith on t.o)
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