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Damn reality and it's left-leaning bias - Elf M. Sternberg
Damn reality and it's left-leaning bias
Former Bush secretary Dana "What was the Bay of Pigs again? I shouldn't be expected to know that. That was before I was born," Perino:
It reminds me of something I used to say at the White House when people would complain that we had a communications problem on this or that. Sometimes that was true, but that was usually because we had a fact problem.
She then goes on to excoriate the current White House's "fact problem" about Mirandizing terrorist suspects (nevermind that this is Bush-era policy) and health care (the thousands who continue to die or go bankrupt from medical crises is a big "fact problem," but for the obstructionist nihilist Republicans and their enablers), but then there's a good reason why her nickname among lefty bloggers is "The Lying Sack of Cute."

[From Kevin Drum, via Brad DeLong.]

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