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A lovely weekend - Elf M. Sternberg
A lovely weekend
I think I got a touch of food poisoning Saturday night. I know I was in pain for most of the weekend, but that was just because I decided to overdo it all weekend.

Saturday, I spent most of the morning working, and then the sun came out, so Omaha and I took to the gardens. I de-mossed about a quarter of the front lawn, which took hours, while Omaha cut and trimmed the hedges and pulled out one dead shrubbery stump. I re-seeded the lawn I'd destroyed, covered the seeds in compost to hide them from the birds, then watered it all down.

Me and Kouryou-chan on the trail
We took a break to go bicycle riding through the big bicycle park to the south of us, and that was fun. Kouryou-chan loves her new bicycle, a full-size girl's bike with handbrakes and 24 gears and all the rest. It let her keep up with us, even when we went up into the dirt, which she thought was also fun, if a bit scary.

Sunday, I woke up after a bad night. I didn't get violently ill, just a low-level upset that kept me awake. Since we had our bi-weekly D&D game coming up, I set to cleaning house: I de-greased the oven hood, cleaned off the counters, mopped the floors, vacuumed up the living room and de-cluttered under the couch, which seems to accumulate books and papers.

The game was pretty good, although the GM was fighting her own headcold. I made pizza for dinner, and spent the evening just reading quietly. Perhaps the scariest thing I can admit to is that I found a flat-out amazing search filter paradigm for tagged collections-- on a porn site.

I'm still sore from all the gardening, though. De-mossing your lawn the hard way is hard work.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: The Psycheldelic Avengers, Mit Dem Polyphonen Herold Durch Den Chromatischen Ather

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