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New slogans for FOX!

So let me get this straight. An Australian and a Saudi Prince together have 52% shareholder control of FOX News.

(Yes, I know, Murdoch bought himself an American citizenship to qualify under certain FCC rules to own an American television network.)

You know, if I wanted to destroy the United States of America, as a short-term goal I couldn't think of a more insidious way of doing it than deliberately agitating the one group that believes, more fiercely than any other, that it is America, into an anger so powerful and irrational that it poisons any possibility of reasonable political discourse. As long-term insurance, I would also attempt to empower that group to undermine the essential education needed to compete in the 21st century, that in the biological sciences (and by extension, all sciences).

How should we spin this? Hmmm...

FOX News: Controlled From Overseas.

FOX News: The Treason Network

FOX News: Useful Idiots For Powerful Foreign Interests

Fox News: Undermining Democracy Since 1985.
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