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Google Translate from Korean... not so much.

Man, if you want to write an SF novel, you could do worse than uriminzokkiri, a Japanese site that makes North Korea's internals news outlets available to Zainichi. Check out some of these quotes:
To admire the world that one dare not face reality, impregnable fortress of Venus Why be a suitable heotnabaleul blew the red swing that is dying gasoropgi manhood.

Wiryeokhan minded than nuclear weapons only as a result of imperialism unbeaten Salute sanctions and blockade of the forearm moves creates the bubbles tteolchyeoon national dignity and courage to our people today that stronger mentality and terrifying times 1100 Detonate socialist powerful nation in the ryeongma Lou The storm has hit the climb.

The so-called "international reserve currency," said the dollar by the trivial guys, think about the quality of this humiliation and disgrace

Indeed, the Demon Squid embarrassment for the United States the pain does not go off maybe 12.

People are the scum of the sloppy escapades earned my deal and sent to the party to ridicule and criticism that this reason is there for me watching.
And that's just from one article!

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