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Someday, Cognitive Dissonance will be Painful

Last Thursday, as I was driving to the office, I turned onto AM 1590 and heard Mike Gallagher whining about how some people won't stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. He ranted about how, "When I was a kid" everybody stood up and said the pledge, and if you didn't you were harassed and even punished by the school. (We'll ignore the fact that he's pining for behavior that this is both unChristian and illegal.) He got riled up to the point where he said, "If I'm ever at a baseball game and the guy next to me doesn't take his hat off and stand up for the pledge, I'm going to knock his hat off, grab him by the collar and stand him up."

Felony assault. That's one way to show your love for the law.

Today, Gallagher had a different complaint. He was giggling over an ABC News article about a woman who "held a commitment ceremony for her love of the Eiffel Tower. Did you hear the clapping in the background? How'd you like to be in that room with that bunch of lulus?"

Okay, I giggled too.

Gallagher then went on a rant about the woman was clearly mentally ill, and he tried to connect her willingness to "marry" the Eiffel Tower to the weakened meaning of "marriage" brought on by teh gays.

Gallagher is clearly having it both ways, however, if he demands a "commitment ceremony" to one non-human thing (The State) but paswoing the fact that other people do the same thing all the time to objects and institutions.

Cognitive Dissonance ought to hurt more.
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