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Sunday: The winddown - Elf M. Sternberg
Sunday: The winddown
Sunday, I made it to Jay Lake's reading, which was fun. He looked like he was doing okay, given his recent medical adventures. Other than that, it was more meeting in the hall face-time with friends and fans. I hit the dealer's room and came home with a stack of books, an entire half-shelf full to read between now and Foolscap.

We left Kouryou-chan at home. Her sister was over at her mother's for the Easter day celebration. When she woke up, Lisakit gave her a ride to the hotel and I caught up with her at the front door. Kids with cellphones for the win.

There wasn't much left, though. Kouryou-chan did some of the Easter stuff, I did one last panel, and that was it. We registered for next year, said goodbye to all the friends we could again, and headed out.

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