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Saturday at Disneyland: The Award Ceremony - Elf M. Sternberg
Saturday at Disneyland: The Award Ceremony

Lovely nook in New Orleans district.

After the movie, I tried to herd the students back, but all of the girls (including Stormy) broke avay and ran back to Disneyland proper to redeem their FastPasses to Space Mountain. The boys stayed. I reminded had only 40 minutes to get food before the music festival awards were to be delivered.

Boys, I discovered, do not listen. But they can be led.

We made it back to the park and I let them loose, and then it was finally my turn to go eat. I ate at a little sandwich shop with decent roast beef, with an actually spicy horseradish aoili and pickled radish.

I got to the rally point after dark, and the kids were waving around these shining, LED-powered light sabers that blinked and flashed. There's a lot of blinking and flashing at Disneyland. The blue LEDs hit me right in that wavelength that attacks my colorblindedness, giving me a splitting headache every time someone waved one in my face. Stormy said to me, "Yeah, I wanted one. But they'd give you headaches and Omaha's seziures, and that wouldn't be cool." She's learning compassion, and that's a good thing.

I was attacked by a gaggle that numbered eight, including Stormy, E. and H. "You're so cool. We love your kilt. Will you chaperone us after the ceremony?" How could I say no?

We marched to the ceremony, which was held past the "ElecTRONica" exhibit. Give it up guys, you're not recouping the love from that film. We waiting in line outside the Hyperion Theater, and then were allowed in.

What a production! A talented foursome of entertainers sang and danced a syrupy love song to talent and music and whatnot, joined by Micky and Minnie eventually, and then a comedian dressed as Alladin's Genie rose and cracked some pretty contemporary jokes. He asked if anyone knew anyone who had disappeared in the Rapture, and said he no longer gave a wish to be a famous singer after he gave one to Ke$ha. "She looks like she'd be sticky if you touched her, huh?" He was talented and believable, but no Robin Williams.

This was an "Everyone Gets an Award" ceremony, but with the restriction being how big an award it was. We actually won a silver for Chorus and second place for the Band, so rah-rah us. Actually, that's not bad considering how outclassed we were: Redwood Middle brought six bands, four voice, and three dance groups to the competition. They're a magnet school for fine arts in a wealthy district, and have the entire district for a talent pool. We had no chance. Given that our music director works by himself, second place is respectable. It was noisy, and some of the girls from the other schools had sirens for voices.

Afterward, I ended up with nine kids: four boys and five girls. We went back to Disneyland and did The Mad Tea Party, twice, where I was both times dragooned into supplying the muscle to spin the teacup we occupied. The first time it was in E. & H., the second time with Storm & L. I think I hurt my left wrist. We did the Snow White cars, and the Carousel, and then we got home.

It was 12:30am when I collapsed into bed.

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