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Two Wines, Two Experiences, Woo! - Elf M. Sternberg
Two Wines, Two Experiences, Woo!
On the advice of my local wine steward, Alan, I picked up a bottle of Gran Oristan, a Spanish wine from the La Mancha region. He recommended it as a reasonably complex and flavorful wine for the district. I found it a bit astringent, but with a good smell and taste, perfect for pairing with a strong pasta sauce (as well as in a strong pasta sauce). However, I was very put off by the dregs of the wine, of which there were a lot and, even without much jarring of the bottle ended up in the last two glasses.

On the other hand, Dynamic, a self-described red table wine from Lake County, California (53% syrah, 43% merlot, 4% cab-sav) was a perfectly acceptable, perfectly ordinary sub-$10 table wine with nothing to recommend it but its first impression as a perfectly acceptable, perfectly ordinary table wine. The end is a little unremarkable, a bit of dry mouthfeel, but nothing off-putting.

What was off-putting about Dynamic was the label. "The Biodynamic Tower is where, during cycles of the year, homeopathic teas are perpared to enhance and regulate plant growth and soil fertility." Everyone got that? Homeopathic fertilizers! The less good stuff in it, the more effectively it works, as long as you strike The Biodynamic Tower (Woo Woo) in just the right way with your magic wand!

I suspect it's the use of a separation tower to get that multi-wine mix that's the real magi, not the Biodynamic Tower or the "Made with Biodynamic Grapes" label that's the real secret to its mundane drinkability.

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