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Vacation Day 14: Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park - Elf M. Sternberg
Vacation Day 14: Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
Breakfast was the continental at the Hyatt. The omelet was more of an egg pie with cheese and sliced ham dunked on top, but at least it was protein this time. After a long drive through the park, we reached Blizzard Beach.

Blizzard Beach is a recent edition to the Disney theme park collection. It's a water park, and its conceit is that it was a ski resort mysteriously transported to central Florida. So it's chalets and restaurants with names like "The Warming Hut," skis and sleds and slalom courses, all desperately converted into water rides. There's even a ski lift to take you to the top of the three longest rides, called The Summit Plummet, the Slush Gusher, and the Teamboat Springs. The first two are straight down chutes, the first of which claims to accelerate you to almost 50MPH with nothing but your swimsuit before you reach the bottom. I suspect that it did, because I did the speedster's trick of resting only on my ankles and shoulderblades, and my back took a flogging. So did Storm's. We all went down the Teamboat, an up-to six-person raft down a very wide water chute.

We had a long ride in the circulating "river" that circumnavigates the park, and did other water rides: tubing rides, water carpet racing.

It downpoured at 3pm, right on time for Florida, and we walked through the rain, deprived of the rides until the lightning passed. They also close most of the concession stands.

Blizzard Beach is also a perv's paradise. From the absolutely stunning, almost absurdly classic redheaded girl with the Irish accent to the beautiful African beach man wearing shorts so low on his hips it was almost filthy, from the London-accented man with the incredible ass to the unstoppable myriads of beautiful woman in bikinis, it was a fun time while we waited for the rain to pass. So many pretty accents.

Lunch was disappointing, though. It didn't help that a cast member directed us to a line with only one family in front of us, a family that took nearly fifteen minutes to pick a meal from a menu of eight choices.

The park re-opened at 4pm, and we spent the last three hours doing more rides. We headed back to the car, and had dinner at a cheap steakhouse.

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