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How did that Coke get into my hand? - Elf M. Sternberg
How did that Coke get into my hand?
The other day, Omaha had a meeting in the next town overthat was scheduled just half an hour before it was time for me to go pick up Kouryou-chan from school. So I offered her a ride, knowing that there would only be about a 15-minute layover between dropping her off and going to get the kid, after which Omaha's meeting would probably be over and it would be time for me to retrace the route and pick her back up.

The day was bright and sunny, so after dropping Omaha off, instead of sitting in my car, I sat on the steps of strip mall where the meeting was being held and sketched out some crazy ideas that had been floating around in my head all day. The strip mall was an ordinary suburban type-- a restaurant where Omaha was having her meeting, a few empty units (commonplace, in this economy), a computer repair store, a signage shop, a tax preparation place, a sub shop. Detached from the main strip was a gas station with a quick-mart.

The next thing I knew, I was driving to pick up Kouryou-chan, with a 32-oz Coca-Cola in the cupholder.

I'd been doing so well. Monday through Wednesday, I'd held on well to a Paleo diet, having meals entirely of vegetables and some meat, some nuts. I'd thrown a little extra dairy in but not too much, less than 8oz. a day in most cases.

I could remember clearly walking to the gas station, buying the soda pop, walking out, getting into the car and leaving. But it wasn't until I was driving to the school, and had taken a few sips, that the conscious Elf, the man I identify as and want to be (and sometimes achieve being) kicked back in.

It was one of those weird "the unthinking you" takes over. After three and a half days of eating just right, I found myself robotically buying something I had earlier declared I did not want, only to come to my senses after consuming a few ounces of it.

Never trust your future self to be more virtuous than you are. I use that line on myself a lot. It's pretty much the bulwark of my Getting Things Done paradigm. Part of the reason it works for me is because I've thought a lot about the breakdown between my current self, my past self, and my future self, especially as a science fiction writer. So now, when I say, "I'll do it later," my brain re-writes it to read: "My future self will do it," and then, "Don't trust that guy. If you won't do it now, he won't do it either. You should do it now."

But sometimes, you can't even trust that guy right this moment.

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From: Steve McCaig Date: October 23rd, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC) (Link)

Never Surrender

I started Paleo last week as well and the same sort of thing happened to me at work on Thursday; stopped in the lunch room to check on some contractors and when I sat back down at my desk I had an open bottle of Coke in my hand. I know I bought it out of habit, but just didn't realize what I was doing until I sat down at my desk.

Tonight is poppers night (wrong kind). Bacon wrapped hot peppers stuffed with chicken breast and dipped in a homemade ranch dressing.
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