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Look-ahead fail and Weird Dreams... - Elf M. Sternberg
Look-ahead fail and Weird Dreams...
I'm having one of those terrible days where technology, or at least my own use of it is failing me. I wanted to work on a story while on the bus, but since I was separated from the Internet I couldn't sync my local copy of my working repository with the one of my desktop.

I wanted to copy a book from my Nook onto my Palm's reader, since I take the Palm with me everywhere. I hadn't backed up the Nook since buying it, however, and I didn't have the cable with me. It was that kind of morning.

I also had a dream about what the UI for my Ptah project should look like, but now I can't remember any of the details other than hearing Steve Jobs' voice saying, "It should make you you want to lick it, but you know you'll get radiation poisoning if you do."

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Current Music: Boom Boom Satellites, Moment I Count

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