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Seattle Men's Chorus 2011 trip - Elf M. Sternberg
Seattle Men's Chorus 2011 trip
The whole family went out last night to watch the Seattle Men's Chorus holiday show. The framing theme this year was Big Bands, and they went with "Big Band Theory," a cheesily acted framing story which wasn't really all that funny.

On the other hand, as usual the performance itself was masterful, with carefully selected songs, performances both delicate and robust when called for. The drag queens were more convincing than usual. They did the annual "Silent Night" silently bit, which is still impressive to see in its entirety.

We had a lovely box on the second tier, right up close to the stage. We were blocked from seeing anyone immediately entering stage right, but that was okay, it was a minor issue. There were brief appearances by both a Mitt Romney impersonator, an Ethal Merman impersonator, and a poor Siri impersonator.

Afterward, we went to Dilettante's for dessert, and finally reached home about midnight. It was good fun all around. The most
distressing aspect was simple: both girls were told to wear nice dresses and good shoes, and both looked terrifyingly mature in them. Even in low 1-inch heels, which Kouryou-chan wore masterfully after all her ballet, they were still taller than I'm used to, and, no really, I'm ready to go buy that shotgun and use it to keep the boys off both of them.

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solarbird From: solarbird Date: December 4th, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
I haven't been to the Dilettante in forever. That used to be one of my favourite hangouts, too.
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