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My appreciation of nature, ruined by music... - Elf M. Sternberg
My appreciation of nature, ruined by music...
It's funny how primed we are by our environment. Case in point: today, at random, my music player came around to the 'N', where I have an astonishing number of CDs from "Nature Sounds," which are just what they sound like: hours of high-quality microphonage from rainforests, oceans, desert winds and so forth.

And yet, listening to them, I get anxious... when is the music gonna start? Over the years, so many musical artists, from new age to metal, have started their albums with "natual sounds" that the sound of "Rain in the Country'"or "The Calm Sea" seems to natually be a precursor to music, and just listening to the sound itself requires some time for acclimation.

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