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The Fourth of July, Burien-Style - Elf M. Sternberg
The Fourth of July, Burien-Style
Well, we went to the 2012 Burien July 4th Parade, as we do every year. There were a lot of politicians this year (no, really?). I got photographs of most of them, although I missed the main event, the very first group, which was for the Republican candidate for Governor. I'm not impressed with him; he's been a bit of a grandstander so I'm not unhappy that I missed getting any pictures of his group. He did great as attorney general with consumer rights in our state, but then got it into his head that his popularity would protect him when he went after the ACA. He's running for Governor. He may yet win.

The craziest group were these people, the followers of Lyndon Larouche. He's a one-man cult of political crazy, with ideas like using nukes to create better waterways in Africa; create nuclear desalinazation plants off the California coast; Obama and Queen Elizabeth belong to a Satanic cult that rules the world; the World Wildlife Foundation controls the drug trade; and that annually the economy is about to collapse and Americans will soon learn what it means to kill each other over a loaf of bread. These had that glazed, clutic look as they sang "America the Beautiful" in the kind of high-pitched falsetto reserved for Looney Toons.

There were the usual high school bands, mostly from the larger religious private schools, including the Catholics, the Lutherans, and Methodists. I walked the route twice, once backwards to photograph everything, once forwards with the politicians in the back. I didn't learn a whole lot, I'm afraid, but it was fun. The crowd was cheerful and respectful, even the ones holding up "Impeach Obama" signs.

Afterward we went to the Democrat's annual campaign barbecue, where one of the legislators spilled beer on Storm's pants, making her reek of Moose Drool. Still, we had fun, even if one of the neighbors lit off about $300 of firecrackers in a three-minute orgy of snapping, popping explosions.

We went to the fireworks show at Des Moines, as usual. We arrived early, played rounds of Boggle! before it grew too dark, and ooh'd and aah'd as expected at the show. It was pretty. I can see how it's an artform, although this was clearly a small community effort.

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srmalloy From: srmalloy Date: July 9th, 2012 04:46 am (UTC) (Link)
LaRouche isn't crazy to talk about using nuclear explosives to improve waterways; he's just mired in the '60s with the government's disregard of consequences. Operation Plowshare was a program to investigate the peaceful use of nuclear explosives -- there were proposals for using them to widen the Panama Canal, or to create a sea-level waterway across Nicaragua, and even one to use a nuclear device for what we refer to today as 'fracking'. Test shots were performed to study cratering for a proposed harbor to be created in Alaska (Project Charlot). The program died over the public's reaction to the radioactive contamination that was an inherent consequence of a subterranean nuclear explosion, but if you ignore or downplay the contamination stumbling block the way the government did until Plowshare was shut down in 1977, the engineering principles were sound.

That said, his apparent ignorance or disregard of the consequences of nuclear demolitions leads me to doubt his ability to think rationally, and the rest of his beliefs make that one look sane in comparison.
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