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23rd anniversary getting aways... - Elf M. Sternberg
23rd anniversary getting aways...
Although we didn't get quite so exciting as last year, Omaha and I did manage to get out of the house for our 23rd anniversary. At last year's school auction, we won several gift cards for overnights at various hotels in and around Seattle, and booked a night in a vacation suite at a place called the Hotel 1000.

The hotel was gorgeous, but then it had better be for three c-notes a night. The bathtub was generous, and the staff seemed genuinely amazed that we'd been together that long. C'mon, people, only half of all marriages fail, the other half do okay. There was a bottle of champagne in our bedroom, as well as coupons for drinks at the bar, and breakfast in bed.

After checketing in, we went to the Central Cinema for dinner and a movie. Central is doing "bad 80s Movie Art," although why Labyrinth qualifies in that respect is beyond me. Still, it was fun to watch David Bowie prance about in his catsuit and look awesome, although now that I'm an adult I can really see some of the uncomfortable sexual analogies being made in the film: how Sara's lipstick betrays her, the decadance of the grand ball and its sordid adulthood symbolism, the whole kit and kaboodle of it. I drank a beer called "Odin's Gift" (who can refuse a beer like that?) which was tasty but not very strong.

Omaha and I went back to the hotel and spent some time in a bar, a street-level named Boka. I have no experience at that, but the bartender, a guy named Michael, made it easy, poured some awesome drinks and gave us a primer on the fine art of alcoholic infustions. We experimented with vodka infusions of cucumber, blueberry, and ginger, as well as hibiscus-infused rum. I continue to be amazed at how expensive good drinking is, but man, that was good drinking.

I woke the next morning with a hangover. You can tell how bad it was that, although I usually have a beer when we play our Sunday D&D game, this time I completely skipped it. We had breakfast in bed, a lot of water and ibprofen really helped, and Omaha and I checked out. We stopped by Fonte' Coffee for more wakeup (the coffee in the hotel room was the one bitter note), then Omaha wanted to get a massage at the hotel's spa. I read my book and took notes. We stopped at two bookstores on the way home. The hotel left cold waters in our hot car. Sure, it was pricey, but they really were excellent to us.

As a brief overnight mini-vacation, it was completely lovely.

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From: kistha Date: July 9th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Happy anniversary! Sounds like an awesome time.
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