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General Release: Priority/Ignore - Elf M. Sternberg
General Release: Priority/Ignore
Last week I read an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled "Two Lists You Should Look At Every Morning." I decided that the lists made a nice coda to my priorities reminder, Right Now!, so I spent a little time this weekend and hacked it together.

This is probably some of the cleanest code I've ever written: the HAML is inlined directly into Javascript templates by the build process, the CSS is compiled via Recess, and the coffeescript is short, sweet, and to the point. There are a few issues left: the LESS file is a bit of mess because of all the Bootstrap drop-ins; I suspect there might be a bit of repetition in identifying which object is being edited at any given time; the Boostrap LESS doesn't work well on smaller monitors yet; and I gave an Easter Egg I'd like to sneak in eventually.

But it's a fun toy, and it makes a nice replacement for RightNow!


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