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The Silicon Dawn Tarot - Elf M. Sternberg
The Silicon Dawn Tarot
Several years ago, I met Egypt Urnash, who was showing off her beautiful new tarot deck. When we met, she was in the process of finalizing an arrangement with a printer, after which the deck would be available for general release.

It's out now and I have to say I'm very disappointed. It's a delightful work. Egypt must have been absolutely mad to think she could execute 99 tarot cards (21 extras thrown in for good measure), but she did, and every one of them is exquisite. There's a Folgio-esque air of playfulness in much of the deck, the dark cards are appropriately forbidding, and scattered throughout the cards are a few that appear pure black, or pure white-- until you hold them at an angle and the depth of ink reveals a startling scene.

The problem with the deck is that each is no bigger than a playing card; you can see the art much more faithfully at the link above, her Flickr site (her website is down, compromised apparently) than you can in these beautifully printed pieces of wonderment.

I wanted to love the Silicon Dawn, but I can't. If (when?) she ever gets them printed on decent sized cardstock-- say, what the Crowley deck comes on-- I'll gladly buy them.

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