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PSA: Clean Your Laptop - Elf M. Sternberg
PSA: Clean Your Laptop
It's hot in Seattle this weekend. 94°F is pretty hot for a place that's supposedly at the northern border of the United States.

My laptop has been running hot recently. Like, 80C to 85C internally on a regular basis. Thinkpads typically do run hot-- Lenovo stuffed overpowered video processors into them long before they were ready. But recently the region above the keyboard had turned into an oven for my fingers.

This afternoon, I turned the laptop off and let it cool, then turned it over and took out five screws: four that hold the bezel frame down, and one that holds down the keyboard inside the frame. Both came off easily. I didn't even unplug the keyboard, which is attached to the motherboard by a ribbon. I just lifted it up and exposed the motherboard and CPU complex, along with the fan that sits above it. (The complex consists of the CPU, GPU, and WiFi components, with a big chunk of copper heatsink above it and a fan).

I blew compressed air all through the unit. With my finger gently keeping the fan from spinning, I then blew air into the vents, then blew away the resultant dust bunnies.

I then closed it up and restarted it. Now my laptop is running a nice 57C internally, which is far more tolerable, and doesn't get get through the keyboard insulation and burn my fingers.

I put the keyboard and bezel back and screwed them down. The whole operation took 15 minutes. So, yeah, if you can, clean the inside of your laptop.

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