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Camping, Day 6: Quiet and Calm - Elf M. Sternberg
Camping, Day 6: Quiet and Calm

Girls with Tadpoles
We woke late. Every day has been absolutely gorgeous: we wake with the sun, with a cool morning, that turns into a hot afternoon and a perfect night. It's really cold at night, down in the 40s (F), but Omaha and I snuggle through it all and enjoy each other's company. The girls seem really comfortable in their new thermal sleeping bags, and they have their own tent.

Breakfast was cold cereal. Omaha and I did the dishes and made tea & coffee, and later I went down to the river and pumped a gallon through our water filter. We made lunch out of whatever we had.

Our first expedition was to Placid Lake. The drive there was fairly short, but on the way we spotted a vulture watching us from the trees. There were beautiful views of the backside of Mt. St. Helens.

Man, the lakes around here are really boringly named. It was a short hike, but nice. The girls were thrilled by the tadpoles swimming through the water, and the fish leaping out of the water to snap at bugs. We met another group with their own kids on the way, and exchanged what we knew. We pressed on to Chenamus Lake. The mosquitos there were bad, but we stopped for lunch anyway.

We walked back. The tadpoles had disappeared, taking shelter against the noonday sun.

Meditation Rock at Langfield Falls

Our second stop was Langfield Falls, which was a very short hike to a beautiful, secluded den. Many people had stopped and made meditation stacks out of the smooth, rounded rocks in the area, and Omaha made her own while I waded into the plunge pool and let the mist wash over me. It was peaceful and beautiful, despite the loud rush of water, and our reverie was broken only by Kouryou-chan's urgent need to find a bathroom.

We stopped at a parking lot that had a toilet, only to discover the lot was for snow mobilers. We briefly explored the warming hut, a wooden structure with a wood-powered space heater to help winter sportsmen thaw out, then back to the campsite.

Dinner was foil chicken, which is basically a chicken breast, frozen vegetables, and mushroom soup mix put into an aluminum foil packet, which you then seal and allow to self-steam over the fire. It was delicious.

We went straight to bed. Omaha and I played a couple rounds of cards, but I was too tired to play much or well.

Late in the night, I awoke with the need to pee. I didn't bring my flashlight, and I didn't need it. Even with a full moon, the stars were visible. I still regret not bringing my camera out and getting snaps of the Milky Way; the meadow across from the campsite was perfect for long-exposure pics like that. The camera has been flaky recently-- it's old, and its actuators are failing, but I bet it would still do that well.

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