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Day 7: Spidergirl, and Going Home... - Elf M. Sternberg
Day 7: Spidergirl, and Going Home...

Morning theif
In the morning, Omaha baked biscuits in a reflector oven, and for the first time since we bought the thing the reflector oven seemed to work decently well. We cooked the last of the bacon and the eggs, dug some cheese out of the freezer, and made breakfast sandwiches.

The birds have discovered that breakfast is when the most food is around. They assault the campsite in squads.

The girls were amazing when it came to breaking down the campsite. It took less than two hours.

When the girls and I had visited the Ice Caves, Omaha hadn't been feeling well and decided to stay back at the camp. Since we were going to be passing it on the way out, now she wanted the opportunity to see and experience it herself. The girls had seen it, and decided to stay in the car and read instead.

Omaha crawls along the cave wall.
Omaha also decided that she wanted to see the ice gallery at the back of the cave. Now, the last time I tried that, the girls and I had discovered that a foot-deep, twelve-foot wide pond of icy slush lay between the entrance and the gallery. Rather than get her shoes wet, Omaha spotted a "shelf" about eight feet above the pond, and basically played spiderwoman to crawl all the way to the gallery opening. The photo is pretty amazing for the low-light feature.

There was another couple there, delightful people, all hipsterish. They were both amused and pleased when they realized that I was spelunking in a kilt.

We also did the Natural Bridges, and had more fun crawling down into the fallen lava tube. There was a cave at the end of it, too, but we didn't bring flashlights.

We drove into the little town, filled the car with gas and ourselves with coffee and smoothies, and drove home.

Omaha wants to buy a barn and put "THOR!" on its side to counter all the "Jesus!" barns we passed on the way through the rural vallies of southwestern Washington. We passed innumerable signs, and apparently the most popular now is "Prepare To Meet Thy God!", a message that is more than a little intimidating.

Obama hatred is ripe in the countryside. We passed one barn with "America's #1 Enemy: Change," which put me in mind of Virginia Postrel's observation that since the 1970 most elections have been a battle between the future and it's enemies. As we drove into civilizations, my phone suddenly woke up and tweeted like mad as messages poured in. The virtual world had returned.

Desperate Communications
The girls have been obsessing about Soul Eater, and Omaha and I were well and truly sick of it by the time the trip was over. We were little more than an hour out of Seattle when Omaha put her foot down and told the girls to shut up and be absolutely silent for 30 minutes. They made it 14 the first time. And then Kouryou-chan passed us this message on the second try.

We got into Seattle and drove to The Keg. They were out of prime rib! Nooooooooo!

We got home, took hot showers, and poured ourselves into bed. I was grateful to be home-- and grateful I'd changed the sheets before I left, so when I got home it was a clean body in a clean bed. That was a fun trip, but now it was time to get back to life.

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Current Music: Hans Zimmer, South of Heaven

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