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A mild Discardia - Elf M. Sternberg
A mild Discardia
I practiced a mild round of Discardia this weekend, getting rid of some broken electronics and some cat gear left over from when Dinah was around. Damn, I miss that cat. Our latest, an aloof shorthair named Necco, only appreciates me when I feed her.

I take advantage of weekends when Omaha is out of town (she was at Pax, which is the same thing) to let loose the cleaning Elf: I vacuumed every rug and mopped every hard floor, whirlwind tidied the office space, cleared and tossed the contents of at least one junk drawer, replaced a broken desk lamp and bought a new 2TB mirrored NAS with RAID-1 to reduce the backup clutter of WD Passports and DVDs and even a few dozen CDs. I also got my short-term checkbook balancing done. I felt oddly productive.

The girls were helpful, decluttering the living room and hallways as I vacuumed my way through the house.

That was fun, but I still feel like I only got done half of what I wanted to do. Part of that was due to the first lamp purchased being broken: I had to take another two hours out of my day to run back to the hardware store and replace the damned thing.

Current Mood: satisfied satisfied

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