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Wild Waves annual trip - Elf M. Sternberg
Wild Waves annual trip
Since school is almost here, Omaha and I took Kouryou-chan to Wild Waves for one last summer experience last week.

Unfortunately, the day didn't start out well. After planning for almost two weeks what day I could take off, and busting our butts to make sure we were completely caught up professionally before deciding to run out on our jobs and play hooky for the day, Kouryou-chan announced she didn't want to go. After trying to reason with her, Omaha gave up and went downstairs to the office to get work done after all.

I'm afraid that I went into full-on Dad mode and laid it down for Kouryou-chan. What she had done was rude, because she knew what the plan was, and deciding the day-of that she didn't want to go without her sister or other peers was rude to her family, who had planned this so we could go as a family together. She was going to go down and apologize to her mother, and if she sounded contrite enough, we might go.

We went.

We had a good time. I can't tell if it's that my daughters are approaching their jailbait years, or if I'm already closing in on senescence, but jailbait just doesn't appeal to me all that much. I can't perv out anymore.

We brought lunch and ate out in our cars. Kouryou-chan's first ride was the big roller coaster at the far end of the park, followed by the log flume. We spent a lot of time in the wave pool, but Omaha and I wanted to do the slides, so there was a lot of waiting in line. Yeah, we even went into the giant toilet bowl Riptide, which always reminds me of a certain Dr. Fun cartoon

Sunburned, waterlogged, and tired, we went out to a restaurant for dinner, and fell into bed around 10, pausing only long enough to wash the chlorine out of hair and skin.

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