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Migration. It's for the Birds. - Elf M. Sternberg
Migration. It's for the Birds.
Traveling on business, leaving home so that I can spend my days in an unhappy cubicle and my nights in a mid-budget closet with nice bedding, starts to wear on my soul even before I touch the ground. This particular trip has been especially grueling, coming down as I am at the tail end of a cold. Today seems to be the last of it, so I hope, because my throat feels almost clear today and I have my usual energy levels, or at least the energy levels I normally achieve when I haven't been allowed to work out for three weeks.

Because of the cold, I poured myself into bed at the end of Monday; Tuesday I managed to have enough energy to go out to dinner with WhipArtist at a small Greek restaurant, gelato and bookstore hunting for a while. I read for a little bit before I poured myself back into bed.

It's been a lot of that. I've seen the short strip of El Camino Real between my hotel and the office, the inside of a Starbucks and a Whole Foods, and that's about the whole of it. Don't tell Omaha, but there's a Sees Candies across the street from my hotel.

Unfortunately, it looks like my week here isn't going to be productive in any grand fashion either. Several of my co-workers are also down with colds, and others are at Disrupt (see JWZ's post for a fun take on it). So other than thinking about how to "up my game" for a certain technological issue, I'm just... here.

The hotel room has a two-coil range top and a microwave oven, but no fire extinguisher or first-aid kit.

I miss my family. The bed is large. When Omaha and I sleep together, from time to time at night we'll both reach up for the other's hand for familiarity and comfort. It's not there, and I miss her terribly. Storm and Kouryou-chan too, although Storm is at that teenager age where she'd never admit she missed me, and Kouryou-chan is on a camping field trip with her school, so I'd be missing her anyway.

At least I've been eating well. Whole Foods and good Greek dinners; the lunches at the office are suitable, if one is careful; and breakfast has been "continental breakfast"-provided hard boiled eggs (so hard boiled I suspect they're a new state of matter) and a big bucket of sliced fruit. I won't get rickets, at any rate. Drinking, on the other hand, has been an exercise in self-discipline: the coffee down here sucks, and at the office there's soda pop in every cooler on every floor.

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telemenar From: telemenar Date: September 12th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC) (Link)


Bad coffee is a curse. I'm San Francisco based rather than down in South Bay these days. But if you end up making it up to SF I can recommend a number of amazing coffee places.
urox From: urox Date: September 14th, 2012 08:16 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Coffee

Are you still down here? There's a place called Bitter Sweet in Cupertino that serves Sightglass coffee. Worth checking out.

Don't know any south bay distributers of Blue Bottle (only know of SF and Oakland locations)
shunra From: shunra Date: September 13th, 2012 01:48 am (UTC) (Link)


I do wonder what's with all that bad coffee in the capital of hightech. I spent a couple of weeks in Cupertino and although I made it my business to taste ALL the coffees, there was nothing even remotely approaching the quality I've gotten used to at home.

Business travel is rather horribly unglamorous from the inside, isn't it? I hope the joy of homecoming makes up for that.
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