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Intelligensia, "Civilizations" [music, review] - Elf M. Sternberg
Intelligensia, "Civilizations" [music, review]
I'm not even sure where this album came from. It's been in my collection for years, but I've never really listened to it closely until recently. Now that I have, I know exactly what playlist it's going into.

When I first heard it, I described Civilizations to my wife as "a lost Jean Michel Jarre album." So, no surprise when I look at Intelligensia's home page and discover that they've both contributed to the Jarre Forever Project and that they consider this album something of an homage to Jarre and Gene Roddenberry. They've really tracked down every voice Jarre used, paralleled without plagiarizing many of Jarre's music tics and themes, and come up with a very coherent, thematically pleasing album.

If you like Jean Michel Jarre, this is the sort of thing you will like.

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