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Choir Fundraiser As Nightmarish Flashback - Elf M. Sternberg
Choir Fundraiser As Nightmarish Flashback
Storm and I volunteered for a fundraiser for her choir to raise the money necessary for another choir trip. This one is much better and far more interesting than the one to Disneyland. This year, we're going to Idaho.


It still takes money to rent the bus and the hotel rooms. Fortunately, the local sports stadium has such a deal for non-profits raising funds: we'll pay you cash for each of your kids to come and be runners at our concession stands. We'll also pay you for the adults to take money and pour beer.

I drove one of the four carpools to the stadium. My cargo consisted of Storm, two other young women, and one young man. CenturyLink Field was hosting the Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers soccer match, which we didn't get to see except on two minute delay on monitors in the concessionary food court.

Fr four hours I stood in a fast food concession stand and had flashbacks to college when I worked at a pizza joint. Stormy was a great runner, getting food and drinks. She had trouble with the lids on the water bottles-- the stadium doesn't allow you to have caps for your drinks-- and the prices were insane. One family ordered two hotdogs and two burgers, two sets of fries and four drinks, and paid over $40 for the privilege.

I will say the burgers were pretty good after all, since I got a comp one on my dinner break.

As a life lesson in how working concession sucks, it was ineffective. There wasn't enough heat and suffering, the crowd seems to know we're all volunteers and treats us without much abuse, and it's generally an older and more laid back crowd anyway. No soccer hooligans here.

I remain disappointed in my inner dirty old man. Where did he go? What happened to the delightfully decrepit pervert I expected to be when I reached this age? All of Storm's peers are just vapid and lacking in substance, so utterly boring as to not exist on my radar of licentiousness. They completely lack life stories, they play incredibly obvious Johnstone-esque games of status claiming, they don't have many clues about what they're going to do next.

I guess if I were a psychopath that'd make them prey. As it is, what I think they really need is a kick in the right direction, which is something they're not getting from school, and for at least two of them, they're not getting it from home either.

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gromm From: gromm Date: October 12th, 2012 04:18 am (UTC) (Link)
The reason you're not the dirty old man you thought you'd be is because somewhere along the line, you started enjoying the company of adults.

How old is Storm now anyway? 14? 15? That's a seriously vapid age to be, especially for girls. I'm surprised you can even tolerate their presence... oh wait. :)
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