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Tumble updated - Elf M. Sternberg
Tumble updated

I’ve updated my templating language, tumble. It’s not quite ready for NPM, but it’s getting close. It now handles this case (see if you can guess why I care about this case), in which micro-templates are embeddable and recursable; I’ve put limiters on recursions, both in the database side of the business and on the number of times you can drop down into a context (this is a build-time limit, although it could be configurable), to prevent runaways or abuse by external users.

This version also limits the list of block-type keywords accepted by the lexer to the set allowed by the parser/renderer, which helps the error handler report when a template is corrupt.

The people who wrote Tumblr were f’ing brilliant. Fortunately, so am I.

Here’s the test template, and it works beautifully!

<doctype html>



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