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Weed Experiments - Elf M. Sternberg
Weed Experiments
So, since I live in Seattle, I finally decided to try Washington State's newest legal crop. Friends of mine assured me that it would be great, that it would unlock interesting details, that I would enjoy the experience and it would make me feel better in the end.

Sadly, none of that was true. I tried it several times, sometimes in a hybrid blend, sometimes in an entirely Sativa blend. I had no real interest in Indica. I always used edibles because I'm reluctant to put any sort of crap into my lungs, and I slowly upped, in successive experiments over several weekends, from five to fifteen to even twenty milligrams, never mixing with alcohol because that is one of the strongest cofactors that leads to brain dysfunction, and I like my brain.

You know what? It didn't do a whole lot for me. It made me feel icky, and a little bit like someone put a plumber's vise around my head and tightened it down a bit. I did get a buzz. I never got the munchies. It made me slightly disoriented and I had to think harder to walk up and down stairs.

Who wants that?

There was one interesting effect. With enough sativa, I would see geometric patterns when I closed my eyes. The best one was millions of 5s, the numeral, all in a lovely serif font with a matte silver tinting on a dark grey background, slowly moving toward me like that old Star Trek screensaver. Interesting, but, you know, there's always the Internet for stuff like that.

So, to be honest, the other interesting effect is that yes, as many have promised, orgasm while under the influence does seem to last a long, long time. It seems to go on and on, which is kinda nifty.

But— it takes me two hours to get to the point where it works, and I feel disoriented and distant from my partner that entire time, distracted by the rest of the unsettling sensations. On the whole, it's really a wash. Bummer.

I'm kinda disappointed. It just seems like a lot of discomfort for not a lot of benefit. I'm glad other people like it. Part of my disappointment is that, unlike wine, it's not a depressant and it's much lower calorie, so I'd have been ecstatic if it worked for me. It doesn't. I think I'll stick to wine. It's much more pleasant.

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dr_memory From: dr_memory Date: August 27th, 2015 10:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
FWIW it is an accepted truism that ingested effects are different and often less likable than inhaled. I doubt that there's much of an actual neurochemical difference, but inhalation allows pretty precise titration: you can get to exactly the sweet spot between "meh" and "oh god stop" and stay there.

That said it seems like you gave this a pretty scientific shakedown, so perhaps cannabis is just not your drug. :)
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