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Clue! - Elf M. Sternberg
A company named Winning Moves has bought the right to print "nostalgia editions" of old games, including the 1949 artwork for Clue! Omaha and I bought it and, with Raen's help last night, played it.

I'd forgotten what kind of game it is. You're basically doing a constraint solution, where gathering the clues is a slow process and requires a certain amount of insight and psychology. It's so different from modern board games. I learned recently that they've changed the rules to Sorry! to have "fire and ice" cards that change the speed at which players can move. I'm sorry, but Sorry! is already a perfect game with solid balance; anything to change it can only be to its detriment.

The board is a beautiful reprint, with the nine rooms laid out as they were printed in the original 1949 version. The murder weapons are metal, as you'd expect. The cards look the same as the original version. It's rather charming.

Raen won; it was Colonel Mustard with the Wrench in the Kitchen. As classic board games go, Clue! was a classic. And it gave us an excuse to show Raen the classic clip with Tim Curry and Madelein Kahn! Maybe we should watch the whole silly movie, which also had Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull! With a cast like that, shame it was such a dud, but now you can watch it as camp and appreciate it.

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