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Rage's Scorcher DLC is weirdly sexist... - Elf M. Sternberg
Rage's Scorcher DLC is weirdly sexist...
I played the Id game Rage this weekend. I'd found it in a remainder bin, and I vaguely remember having played and enjoyed it, so I figured another play-through would be fun. I also purchased the add-ons "Sewers" and "Scorchers," the latter of which is an entire major in-game campaign that unlocks after you reach the Wellspring level.

The Scorcher campaign starts in caves under Dan Haggar's compound. Which is weird because Dan never mentioned caves and there's really no association between those caves and the placement of the Haggar settlement; there's no benefit there. The number one need of people in the wasteland is water, and if the caves are sources of Dan's water, they should bloody well say so. (That said, we know there's a lot of water bubbling through the crumbling dam area just to the west, so why loser clans like the Ghost and Wasted are allowed to monopolize it is inexplicable.)

And that's where you meet Sarah Haggar. So far, in Rage, you've met a couple of women: Janus, Loosum, Becky, Olive, Sally, Elizabeth, Ginny, and Daemia. All of them were dressed appropriately for their environment. Ginny and Loosum wear cargo shorts, but so do some of the men.

Sarah Hagar is dressed in a ragged knee-length skirt and a two-toned hand-stiched leather bikini top. She wears this while actively in combat against mutants and Scorcher bandits deep in a cave of sharp rocks and dangerous tools.

This makes absolutely no sense. You've already bought at least two upgrades for your body armor, and she's dressed like a character from Dead Or Alive. It's weird how this annoyed me. Rage had been doing so well with its women characters up to this point.

Totally by coincidence, Feminist Frequency this morning puts up an article about Buying Women's Bodies Through DLCs. But in her point, she talks about how this is used as a selling point; access to visible representations of pliable women is used to upsell the product. The sexism sells. But as far as I can tell, Sarah's appearance was never used to sell the Scorchers DLC. It's just... there. Unnecessarily. Which makes it all the stranger.

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