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Geek House Bright Blues - Elf M. Sternberg
Geek House Bright Blues
This weekend Omaha hosted a Get Out The Vote event at our house. The people who showed up were mostly older than 40, many of them in retirement – as those are the people who usually have the time to campaign on behalf of the future. The GOtV practice of the day involved using a piece of web-based software to divvy up a district into different subsectors, the better to allocate doorbelling activities and other face-to-face forms of campaigning.

Since it was going to be practice with a web-based technology, everyone had to bring a laptop. One person brought a laptop that did not have wifi; another brought one with a crap battery and forgot her power supply.

We couldn't find the universal power supply, so Omaha ended up loaning our two tech-poorer folks a pair of tablets, which worked well enough for the purposes of the exercise. Some people did remember their power supplies, so we dug out a spare power block with six outlets.

Omaha told them the name of our network, then said, "Make sure you connect to the guest network. That'll let you get to the Internet." They were entirely stunned that we even had a guest network, much less that it could support ten people all using it at once. When we pointed out that the router is already supporting an average of four devices per person (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet), plus miscellaneous e-readers, console game systems, television receivers, and a few smart devices, the conclusion was that our house was very geeky.

I don't know. I don't think my house is particularly geeky; I compare it to people who are much nerdier than I am, who have their own in-house Active Directory subnets and X10 everywhere. I just have a standard cable connection and a (admittedly, top o' the line for two years ago) cable modem and router. Once you have one of those and it's fairly stable, everything else just works, most of the time.

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