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Classical Mystery Tour! - Elf M. Sternberg
Classical Mystery Tour!
Omaha, Raen (OUAT "Kouryou-chan") and I went out to Beneroya Hall last Friday to hear a Beatles cover band called the Classical Mystery Tour; they do their schtick with the entire orchestra behind them providing the strings and orchestrations that we heard on all of the later Beatles albums, but were never able to perform live. Well, CMT gets to do it live.

The show was fun. Raen was grumpy; she hadn't wanted to get dragged to the greybeard thing, but as it turned out she knew most of the music and really enjoyed the show. There were three movements where they dressed first as in the early shows, then in the loud, psychedelic uniforms of the Sergeant Pepper era, and finally in the trippy, simpler outfits of the late 1960s, except for John who always wore the pure white suit. They even played a bit from John and Paul's post-Beatles' career, covering "Imagine" and "Live and Let Die."

Great evening. If you get the chance, highly recommended.

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