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The Music of Led Zeppelin at Benaroya Hall - Elf M. Sternberg
The Music of Led Zeppelin at Benaroya Hall
Omaha and I went to the Led Zeppelin concert at Benaroya hall last Friday. This was a different affair from the one that hosted the Beatles; this cover band tried much less hard to be Led Zeppelin, and instead was simply playing "the music of Led Zeppelin as it was meant to be played, with a live orchestra."

They much better use of the orchestra than the Beatles group did; the arrangements were meant to show that Led Zeppelin could be orchestrated, not that it much of the music had been written with an orchestrated backing.

In that, it succeeded. Randy Jackson (former lead singer for Zebra) sang the songs without trying to sound like Robert Plant, yet managed to convey the emotion and power behind them with varying degrees of success. The guitarists were competent, the bassist hard working, and the orchestra was having a ton of fun. In fact, there was this one guy back in third violins who was clearly rocking out and having the time of his life. When I mentioned this on Twitter, he tweeted back! So that was cool.

At one point they had a "guest conductor," someone chosen randomly from the audience. They picked a woman in a white blouse. I don't even remember the song, only that it had an incredibly steady 4/4 beat, so it wasn't like she had to do anything but bop there in the conductor's stand. She clearly was a regular; she shook the first violin's hand before going up! I would have died of embarrassment, and I envy people with that kind of assurance that they will survive any social faux pax they might commit.

Raen didn't go. She felt like she would rather go out with friends, but that meant she missed the adorable people who were there that night. It wasn't just for old people. I felt like a bit of a creeper asking for their photo, but I had to show it to Raen.

After the show, Omaha and I went to the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, where I had the apple compote with ice cream, and she had the sweet potato pie. Both were fantastic, but oy, that was a lot of sugar.

Anyway, yeah, Zeppelin. It was fun.

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