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Blue Öyster Cult! The real thing this time! - Elf M. Sternberg
Blue Öyster Cult! The real thing this time!
Blue Oyster Cult So, while Omaha and I are dense-packing our lives, let me talk about going to see Blue Öyster Cult. They played the Emerald Queen Casino Showroom, to which Omaha and I have never been. I bought the tickets on a whim.

Now, you have to understand that the last time I'd seen BÖC, it had been in Orlando back in 1988, so that's, what, 27 years ago? They were touring just after the release of Imaginos, which was Al Bouchard's last work with BÖC. It was not a commercially successful album, although it is one of my favorites, mostly for it's Lovecraftian rock opera pretensions mixed with BÖC's solid instrumentals. Omaha and I saw them in a small bar, filled with people some of whom didn't even seem to know they were in the presence of rock greatness. (BÖC is credited with inventing the heavy metal umlaut, people!)

This time they were on stage, not too far away. The Emerald Queen is hardly what one would call an "arena," although it's definitely a well-sized ballroom. As it's a casino, it's technically on an Indian reservation so there was smoking and beer in copious amounts. Not that many people smoked, although somewhere through the middle of the concert someone very near Omaha and I lit up their joints, and that was a skunky experience.

I never before realized how much the band is really Buck Dharma's, and if you're very, very good, you might be allowed to play alongside him. For a 68 year old guy, he looks fantastic, and he still plays hard rock solos with an astonishing amount of verve and virtuoso talent. I need to know how he keeps those hands so functional night after night.

They played all the usual favorites, everything from Career of Evil, which means that there was nothing from later albums like Imaginos, but I guess that was okay. They were still hard rock. Eric Bloom is looking a little tired (not mention he's starting to look like the kind of guy I would date these days), and the other three members, who all joined around 2004 or so, were fine. The new guitarist is really talented, but he's not Buck.

Afterward, Omaha and I found a little bar called The Social, which surprised the hell out of us by having really excellent steaks and a potato bisque to die for. We made it home by midnight.

I hope I don't wait another 27 years to see a favorite band again.

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omahas From: omahas Date: March 3rd, 2016 09:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
They, of course, also played the timeless "Godzilla" and one of my favorites "Black Blade".

Oh, and it was a butternut squash bisque to die for, not potato. ;)
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