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Folklife and More - Elf M. Sternberg
Folklife and More
Sunday, we rose later than expected; we had hoped to be up by nine and out of the house by ten, but as it was we managed to rouse by ten only to discover that Kouryou-chan was out of underwear, so we threw together a batch of laundry and waited for it to finish. We ultimately made it to Folklife only by noon or so.

We had one of those dissolute days where we couldn't manage to get really anywhere. We stopped and listened to a couple of so-so "Celtic" bands on the Weinhardt stage, but it was one busker quartet that was really worth hearing. They were just playing in a hallway off the smaller performance rooms, three fiddles and a guitar, and they sounded well-practiced, energetic, and professional. I was quite impressed. I wish I knew who they were but they didn't have a shingle hanging out.

The girls played in the wading pool for quite a while, then we went and listened to more music and some dancing,

The girls at the fountain.
and then they were loosed into the fountain while we had lunch. The girls had hot dogs while the adults downed mutant barbecue turkey legs. Yamaarashi-chan started to burn out even though we'd only been there four hours. I held her and cuddled her for a while until her second wind came up and she and Kouryou-chan started running around again. We looked through the "Uncommon Market" and I found the nifty hat I'd wanted to replace, the original being lost on a bus two years ago. I didn't buy it because we're low on cash but I did get the URL. Omaha tried to convince me that a Utilikilt would be worth my time; I passed.

Around dinnertime, I caught up with a friend of mine who I'd wanted to go out on a date. Since her husband agreed to take Omaha and my girls home, we traded right there and K and I went out on our date. We had some good sushi but, given Sunday night, we coludn't find much to do other than more Folklife and we were both a little overdone on that front. We ended up in her hot-tub, talking and just being friendly, which was fine.

I got home around midnight, played a little Half-Life, and headed to bed about one.

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poetpaladin From: poetpaladin Date: June 1st, 2004 12:27 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your girls are lovely and happy. :)
elfs From: elfs Date: June 1st, 2004 12:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh. That photo doesn't show the aftermath five minutes later when Kouryou-chan mis-timed a run and got soaked down her back from one of the jets, or a few hours later when Yamaarashi-chan was overstimulated and ready to curl up in my lap for an hour. Heck, I could have used a nap by then...
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