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Tribalist or Cosmopolitan - Elf M. Sternberg
Tribalist or Cosmopolitan
Brad Delong pointed out that there are two axes for any political movement: first, there is the division between the smart and the stupid. Secondly, there is the division between those who believe that all politics is a non-cooperative zero-sum game and that the purpose of a politician is to advance the interest of his own group (by definition to the detriment of others, and therefore through corruption, deceit, and force), or that all politics is a cooperative and positive-sum game and that trust via favors with the hope of subsequent reciprocity is worth building.

Stupid or smart; tribalist or cosmopolitan.

It seems to me that the Republican Establishment is made up of the same kinds of people as the Democratic Establishment: for the most part, cosmopolitans. The difference is that the Republicans depend upon the tribalists for a power base and the tribalists have no desire to become cosmopolitan, and the Democrats depends upon an urban population that, for better or worse, would like to be smart and cosmopolitan.

I think Trump is a stupid cosmopolitan who's chameleonic charisma has garnered him the attention he craves, and pulled him in the direction of assuring the tribalists he's their best chance at expressing their frustration with the intellegent, educated segment of society.

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