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"The gay stuff doesn't exist." - Elf M. Sternberg
"The gay stuff doesn't exist."
An acquaintance of mine commented over the media, while wringing its collective hands over Zootopia and the furry community:
One interesting thing I also noticed when media does decide to talk about furry porn: the gay stuff doesn't exist.
I had a very similar reaction to an (otherwise pretty good) Marie Claire article about porn, Porn is today's Sex-Ed, in which the author wrote, "Porn sanitizes sex. Nobody has hair. You never see lube, even though they go through gallons on set."

I wondered what porn she was talking about. Almost all of the porn I watch has gallons of lube in every scene. Most of the people have hair. And then I realized: I don't watch mainstream heterosexual porn. I watch kink porn. I watch amateur porn. I watch gay porn. In all of that porn, lube is critical. Sports bottles loaded with j-Lube; paper picnic bowls of Crisco. Even the much-vaunted for-lesbians, by-lesbians Crashpad series has megafrackloads of lube.

But for most people, the gay stuff doesn't exist. The amateur stuff doesn't exist. The most "realistic" porn, in the sense that ordinary people do their (extra-)ordinary kinky things, and don't edit out the details, on camera, is basically the porn that has no marketing budget.

I think that's sad for the obvious reason that, unlike other kinds of movies, we do have sex, and when we watch porn it's often for the kind of sex we want to have but, for some reason or other, we just aren't. And I don't think we want lube-free, laughter-free, sanitized sex.

I could be wrong. The coming twin forces of Presence and Sexbots will probably prove me wrong. I think I'll stick to people.

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