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Sympathy for Screwtape - Elf M. Sternberg
Sympathy for Screwtape
I like women. And I'm a big fan of pin-ups.

The first Internet generation of pin-ups was a lot of fun: Renata Daninsky, Veronika Zemanova, Erica Campbell, Piper Fawn, Danni Ashe were all beautiful women who took to the Internet before it became supersaturated with so many pornographic images that it was impossible to stand out. I was always a fan of Aria Giovanni, the kind of busty, well-built woman for whom the term "broad" was invented.

So I have sympathy for Eric Raymond. He took a lot of crap for posting about his admiration for one of the other women on the list, Veronika Zemanova. He may have gone a little overboard in trying to analyze his impressions-- really, nobody wants you to spend pages going into pseudo-evolutionary-psychology bullshit territory when all you really have to say is "Y'know, I like adult, strong-looking women with big tits."

There are plenty of reasons to rag on Raymond. He's spent his entire career navigating imposter syndrome, his authoritarian impulses, and a deep-seated need to be loved and respected, often with only a trash-fire reputation to show for it all.

Don't we all.

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