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The Church of No-Homo Is Making Itself Insane - Elf M. Sternberg
The Church of No-Homo Is Making Itself Insane
World Net Daily's David Kupelian asserted that "The left is such a toxic experience it's driving people crazy."

Of course it is. But it's not toxicity. It's reality. You see, reality has a well-known liberal bias. Evolution is real, climate change is happening and will suck, vaccines work, gay people are just as valuable (and immutably gay), as straight people are valuable (and immutably straight).

The Church of No Homo is driven crazy by two conflicting desires: trying to stay within the lines of something identifiably "Christian," while not extending the decency and love God demands they do for gays and lesbians.

"We are children of God," Kupelian notes, as if to say, "... and they're not." Liberal society isn't all that confused or unhappy; it's just human, trying to figure out what it means to live in a highly technological, culturally diverse society that celebrates the individual. Poor Kupelian, he can't handle reality.

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